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<p>Farm to cup <br/>direct trade</p>

Farm to cup
direct trade

<p>All organic<br/>premium coffee</p>

All organic
premium coffee

<p>Small batch <br/>roasted</p>

Small batch

<p>50% back to charities <br/>& non-profits</p>

50% back to charities
& non-profits

Farm to cup direct trade

Our coffee is direct trade, we buy it straight from the growers, cutting out the traditional middlemen and saving you money. Our model is so amazing because it allows us to build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with individual producers and cooperatives. This ensures the highest levels of quality and helps more people around the world get a fair living wage.

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All Organic Premium Coffee

All of our coffee is organic. Organic coffee is produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They are better for us and for the environment. An added benefit is that workers on coffee farms are spared the dangers of handling and spraying pesticides. Only coffee that has been certified organic by an independent organization may be labeled and sold as organic.

Small batch roasted

Our coffee is lovingly roasted and packed in-house by experts with years of experience, to deliver the ultimate indulgent experience. Our detail-centric approach to coffee is evident in Inspire & Brew's taste and quality. Each cup is testament to the effort and love we put into every batch we craft for our customers.

50% back to the non-profit/ charity of your choice

We are committed to give 50% of all profits to the non-profit or charity of your choice. We believe that working hard and earning a profit can be united with changing and inspiring the world. The buyer gets to select which nonprofit or charity they want to support and Inspire a Difference!  

Why we do what we do

The american red cross

Doctors Without Borders

Wounded Warriors

Doctors Without Borders

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Save money on delicious coffee and help give back 50% to a charity of your choice!

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